Haigang Supermarket Stores

President Zhu Zhengyao

Message to young people
When you decide to start your own business, it is important to endure hardships. People will encounter difficulties and cannot grow up without overcoming adversity. Sometimes the best gain is to lose. The more hardships you go through, the bigger your company may become.

I was born and grew up in the countryside. My family was very poor and I didn’t have any ambition, so I started working just after graduating from junior high school. As I had been in the countryside and was ignorant of the world, being a factory manager seemed brilliant enough to me at that time.

I worked in a factory as a sales representative for 6½ years. I saved money and gained social skills for the future during that period, which was a good experience for me. I came up with an idea that I would run a supermarket when I managed a restaurant. The condiments, such as soy source, that I was purchasing from vendors were all fake reproductions. I was very mad about that, but sadly it was a common case in rural areas at that time. I was depressed but at the same time I was convinced that there must be strong demand for genuine products in the market. Then I decided to start a supermarket business.

I believed that genuine products were attractive enough to gather customers, but in reality customers valued price over quality. They wouldn’t buy high-price products even if they were high-quality, resulting in less performance for my business. It was not a big problem to me though because I was and am very sure that there must be a solution as long as I try hard to find a solution. I think it is always important to try hard and not to give up, while most people are likely to give up too easily.

When it comes to the management of a franchise chain, it is also important to set an appropriate target. Our target customers are rural residents, which is the biggest market in China, and a market that is difficult to target for big enterprises.

Our current goal is to develop 10,000 stores. Consumption activity in rural regions is no yet mature and thus, some vendors still sell fake products. We’d like to improve the quality of life of rural residents by operating more stores in such areas.

The Chinese market is very huge and there must be many more opportunities to expand our business, especially in rural regions, which have 800 million consumers. We hope to collaborate with Japanese companies and develop the market together, improving each other’s performance.

Company Profile

Zhu Zhengyao
Supermarket franchise
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