Shinko Techno Co.

CEO Mamoru Kimura

Message to young people
Don’t be afraid of failure. Try various things. Through these experiences, you will find the way you want to go. Remorse and regret are sometimes necessary, but what is important is to move forward rather than sticking to the past. I hope you live a life where you can discover happiness even in trivial matters.

Since the 1950s, my father ran a textile machinery manufacturing company, but he suffered from sluggish sales since I was in elementary school. My father often told me and my twin brother to help his company rather than go to school. I was not good at studying and I didn’t go to class much during high school.

Although I knew my father’s business wasn’t going well, I joined my father’s company as I didn’t have any other choice. As soon as I started to work, I was ordered to go on an overseas business trip to the Philippines and South Korea. I was 18 years old then. Through that experience, I learned that people in other countries were hard-pressed to make ends meet and I found myself lucky to be born in an affluent country. When I was 22 years old, I went to China and was shocked by diverse ways of thinking. I also learned from various failures.

We had been plagued by a huge amount of debt – about 1 billion yen. I believed my life would end if I failed to keep my father’s company running. With this strong conviction, I determined to change the situation and to start a business. I could develop the spirit of not losing or giving up through my father’s experience and I also realized the meaning of “failure breeds success.”

In 1996, I established Shinko Techno Service with 3 million yen in capital. In the beginning, we managed to generate a profit by repairing textile machinery. I drove factory to factory around the nation selling our service, sleeping in the car as I had no money. Later on, we suffered a lot when we failed to collect receivables from a Chinese company. I spent almost half a year out of Japan and had extensive experiences overseas.

In 2003, we increased the capital to 10 million yen and changed the company name to the current Shinko Techno. We again increased the capital to 30 million yen in 2005. Based on my experience, we started to develop environment-related devices. Developing and manufacturing a machine that takes rare metals such as gold out of mobile phones brought us a business opportunity and has led us to where we are today.

We are currently promoting a project to expand overseas sales in Africa and China. I believe that the business related to issues such as the global environment and natural resources, which are absolute necessities for humans to survive, is imperative and will never disappear. Finding answers to those issues is our mission and goal. To live means to go forward. I want to keep facing forward.

Company Profile

Shinko Techno Co.
Development, manufacture and sale of environmental devices