CEO & President Ryuta Inoue

Message to young people
When I recruit new graduates every year, they always ask me what they should do while they are students. I always tell them to have fun. There are various ways of having fun, such as parties and cultural activities like visiting museums. The key is to have extensive experiences in various fields while a student because diverse experiences will help to become the source of ideas in the future. Once you enter a company or become a mid-level employee, your private time will be limited as you will get busier. While you still have plenty of time, please have fun while broadening your perspectives and heightening sensitivity.

From the time I was a child, I liked sports. I belonged to a baseball club in elementary school and played tennis in junior high, high school and at university. The university’s tennis club was quite serious and I even was a hitting partner for professional tennis players, but I wasn’t good enough to become a pro.

After graduating from university, I had no intention to take over my family's business at all and longed to climb the career ladder in a big company. At Teijin, where I had my first job, I could obtain the basic skills as a businessperson but at the same time I felt obstacles associated with big companies.

After working for five years, I realized that I was not suited to being a corporate employee and wished to become a company president. I looked to my family business and I told my father, who had been the president, about my intention. He said, “If you want to do it, try it.” But it wasn’t that optimistic a scenario.

I joined Pal six years later after learning about production management and marketing at apparel makers and trading companies. In the beginning, colleagues looked at me, as the son of the president, with curiosity, trying to weigh my capabilities. But I worked very hard to catch up with the senior staff members. As a result, I succeeded in restoring some unprofitable businesses in a row and was accepted by my colleagues. Then I became the president after producing results at PAL for seven years.

When I became president, I flattered myself that I could be successful with my ability. However, as the number of subordinates grew, I realized my incapabilities and started to study business management. A corporate manager is like a director of a baseball team. One must show vision, select players and give instructions. But it is players who actually play the game. The team owes its victories to the players. If the loses, a director must take responsibility. Likewise, good results for a company are due to employees. If the company makes a loss, it is the president’s responsibility. Our company’s management resource is “people, people and people,” rather than “people, items and money,” which is often said.

I hope our company and our stores will be favored and chosen as places to shop and to work. As we are now a listed company, we want to contribute to society and maintain it for future generations.

Company Profile

Planning, manufacturing and sales of women’s and men’s clothing and general merchandise