Naigai Imu

CEO Takeshi Okada

Message to young people
There is pleasure after overcoming a difficult situation. Always do your best in every endeavor. Always have vitality in your actions.

I was a mischievous child and picked fights with other kids. I was strong at fighting but hated studying. During my years as a student, I was very involved in student-activism and in particular I strongly opposed the Vietnam War.

After I started working, I continued my extracurricular activity of performing in plays, which I had done during my years as a student.

At the beginning of my career, I was inept as a salesman and had to study from scratch. Afterward, I was praised for my skills as a salesman and went on to acquire business experience in all the other sectors of the company as well. Such experiences have proven helpful to me today, since I have become capable of performing any kind of task, which has allowed me to become an in-house entrepreneur.

I began to feel unsatisfied at Japan’s welfare services after taking care of my mother for six years. This compelled me to talk to my boss about my ambitions to work toward contributing to society. My boss then allowed me to open an environmental countermeasure division within the company. As the head of the division, I dealt with environmental problems and performed tasks pertaining to universal fashion. Becoming an expert on the environment motivated me to start my own universal fashion business.

The focal point of sales is to understand what the customer wants, to develop the product desired and to sell the product accordingly. These basic steps comprise the actions of a salesman. Also, I believe that another reason for my success is that I held a firm belief in the ability of women when I established my company, which proved fruitful when we created a groundbreaking TV-shopping system.

Japanese society still has elements of chauvinism and thus the reality is that it is difficult for women to advance. However, we ought to make better use of the ability that women have. From now on, we need to establish organizations with not only men but with women also holding leadership roles.

Company Profile

Naigai Imu
Mail-order business dealing with apparel and household goods