ITC-Aerospace, Inc.

CEO Tomoo Nakayama

Message to young people
The younger generation that will shoulder Japan’s future ought to go abroad aggressively and meet aspiring young entrepreneurs of many different countries. Establish deep friendships with them, foster the right kind of worldview and challenge, compete and cooperate with them. Doing so will make it easier to set goals in life. It is my wish that Japan’s young people will place a great part of their attention overseas.

I was born in Yokohama, where there were many foreigners living around me. From a very early age, I was conscious of cultural differences with people from other countries and developed a strong desire to go abroad.

I belonged to an English Club as an extracurricular activity in junior high school. When I was a university student, I discussed with students from the U.S. about the world economy at the Japan-America Student Conference. That experience had much influence on my future path.

After graduating from university, I joined one of Japan’s major trading companies, Itochu Corp. I was having remarkable results from the first year. I was transferred to Paris, and then Tunisia, during which I was always maintaining the top sales position. At the age of 32, I achieved the top sales position in the whole company.

However, I started to wonder whether my success at Itochu was a show of my own personal abilities, which compelled me to resign from the company and start my own company in 1980 at the age of 33.

Thus in 1980, I launched a consulting company called ITC (International Technology Corp.) in Tunisia, with my local friend and two employees. We stably made profit by earning consulting fees for introducing Japan’s high technology and goods and contract commissions.

After we moved our company to Japan, we have focused on becoming an aircraft agency, utilizing my experience at Itochu, importing, exporting and leasing aircraft. As Japan’s only company focusing on operating leases of aircraft, I would like to create results exceeding other rival companies in the world and earn a reputation all over the world. Within five years, I want to achieve annual sales of 20 billion yen with lease assets of \100 billion by combining all employees’ efforts.

Company Profile

ITC-Aerospace, Inc.
10 domestic, 15 abroad
Import and export of aircraft, leasing of aircraft