N.T. Philippines, Inc.

Representative Nobuyuki Takahashi

Message to young people
Young people should be ambitious. It may be difficult to have ambitions in the current situation in Japan, but you can acknowledge and conquer challenges and problems if you lead a life with your dreams and hopes, as it is your own choice.

I was born and raised in favorable circumstances, taken good care of by my parents. One day, my mother gave me a book written about some alumni of Keio University. I was very impressed to read the book and became motivated to become a great businessman someday just like the people in the book and entered Keio University.

After graduation, I went abroad to seek some tips on starting a business. First, I went to Singapore and drifted from one job to the next for a while and then I got interested in the trade business. I founded a trading company handling goods and products from Southeast Asia and focused on exporting mangoes. However, the firm went bankrupt after being affected by laws revised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan.

After the bankruptcy of the trading company, I decided to start a phone parts manufacturing business as the demand for cordless phones increased at that time. The business went very well in concert with the trends of cordless phones, beepers and mobile phones. Then the collapse of Lehman Brothers suddenly changed the situation in 2008 and we had to reduce personnel levels from about 2,300 to 1,600. I think, however, it was a good chance to reconsider the proper cost and personnel arrangements. Now our company produces as many parts as before with fewer employees.

To be successful in a foreign country, it is important to be humble and to keep in mind that we are given a chance to work abroad. Our factory operation goes well thanks to the hardworking staff in the Philippines. I am very sure that we can make it work in a foreign country as long as we keep such a feeling in mind.

Company Profile

N.T. Philippines, Inc.
Production of electronic parts
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