Makoto Co.

CEO Kiyoharu Nakamura

Message to young people
Don’t give up, try hard and you can work it out. Move when you get stuck and you can enjoy your life.

In my childhood, I was the boss of the other kids. I really liked being the center of attention and hated to lose. I started working part time when I was in the fifth grade, being obsessed with making money even at that age. My parents would often say: “Men should work for a lifetime so get certifications. Don’t give up even when you feel it is impossible.” Such attitudes provided the basis of what I am today.

Though I wanted to go to a professional school, I joined a termite exterminating company after graduating from high school as I needed to pay for five motorcycles and a car I had bought. I hated the job, so I was almost going to quit just two or three minutes after I got to the first work location. It turned out I worked at that company for 3½ years as I didn’t want to be a loser. Also my parents had told me to stay at least three years.

After that, I moved to a telecommunications installation company. I thought there were many business opportunities with the privatization of NTT. I obtained a license for installing telephone lines before anybody else did and succeeded as a manager of a service office. Just around that time, I was asked by my father-in-law to join his company, Makoto. It took me a half-year to decide to join.

When I started working there I was aware that I was going to succeed my father-in-law at the company so I worked very hard. In those days, I kept in mind that working hard is just a “matter of course” for a family member of the corporate manager and working twice as hard as others is “as expected” of such a relative, so I have been trying to work three times as hard as others do. I did experience many failures and setbacks, but I was so positive and aggressive that I didn’t realize them and thus could advance.

After the company’s 35th anniversary, I established a Kanto branch and a branch in China. Then I assumed the position of CEO as the next step.

I haven’t experienced severe hardships as CEO as my employees are working very hard for the company. I would like to develop the company, providing my employees with stages where they can play a starring role. For that, my job is to develop and implement new ideas. Such activities make me happy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. I believe to live is to enjoy and to work is to make people beside you happy.

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Makoto Co.
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