Tescom & Co.

CEO Toshiya Kusuno

Message to young people
Do your best in everything without fear of failure and improve yourself ? your personality, your abilities.

I was prematurely born but became very healthy by age 3. I was big and always scolded first when making mischief with friends. On the other hand, I was fairly good at both studying and sports so I sometimes became class or student council president. Though I went to a well-reputed high school, I couldn’t fit in and fell behind. I had to study one extra year to enter university.

After I entered Meiji University, I became interested in skiing and stayed as a live-in worker at mountain lodges during the winter. The hard work experience there developed my perseverance and helped me in the real working world after graduation.

My first job after college was in sales of substrate materials (copper-clad laminate) for electric components. I worked day and night and produced good results. I had no intention to work for my father’s company as I am his third son, but my father urged me several times to help his company, so in the end, I entered his company, Tescom, when I was 30.

When I entered Tescom, the company was suffering from the aftereffects of the end of the Japanese economic bubble. Under such circumstances, I become CEO at the age of 37 in 1997, to take over for my father, who was going to have heart surgery.

Although I was already in charge of all operations before becoming CEO, the responsibility I felt as CEO was heavier than I expected. Clients regarded me more as the head of the company, and my judgments, words and actions decided the company’s fate.

Under the continuing severe economic condition with no sign of business recovery, I tried to reform the company with personnel changes, restructuring the organization and further enhancing product development. There was much pressure, but I was determined to reform the company, thinking as if I were founding a new company. During this time, we made a big hit with a negative-ion hair dryer, which we had been developing for a long time.

From 2006, we have tried to renew the company by especially focusing on product and brand strategy. We are determined to continue developing our company so that we can appropriately and flexibly respond to any changes and any customer's needs, and provide good products and services for customers. To that end, developing staff who can gain our customers' trust will be important.

In 2010, which is the 45th anniversary of the company's establishment, we finally achieved ¥10 billion in annual domestic sales. Sales figures are not everything, but I want to make yearly sales reach ¥15 billion in three years and ¥20 billion in five years.

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Tescom & Co.
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