CEO & President Motoyasu Sugai

Message to young people
Don’t give up on things before you try! Just give it a try!

I was born and grew up on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. I majored in law at Doshisha University in Kyoto.

Upon graduating from university, I worked for a European textile importing agent. I went on approximately 60 business trips to Europe, especially Italy, Germany and Switzerland. During that time, I developed proficiency in English adequate for business and I earned the respect of others when it came to business negotiations in English.

Motivated by the strong suggestion of my friend, I resigned and took up a position at a major video-rental store that operated franchises. I became the CEO of its group company and learned firsthand the knowhow of company management.

I decided to start my own company when I realized the possibilities of the reuse and resale of goods. At the time, I was also worried about the future prospects of the video-rental industry.

I founded a used fashion and accessories outlet company with \5 million in startup costs. I had only a general idea about running retail shops so I learned shop management from scratch. I worked in a shop as the manager for around 1½ years while checking the other branches. Thanks to that experience, I now can see what is happening on-site once I see the numbers. At the beginning, I had the main office on the second floor of the first store, but it wasn’t good for recruiting. To make it easier to hire staff, I moved the office to a building in the city center.

I would like to provide customers with an entertaining space, where they can enjoy the space itself and enjoy shopping at the same time. My dream is to develop my company into the world’s best entertainment planning company.

Company Profile

Used and new apparel outlets