Coper Co.

CEO Seiji Edanami

Message to young people
Have a goal and pursue it. Also, be sure to focus your attention overseas as well so that you can develop the ability to think globally.

I was born in Hokkaido in 1949 and stayed in my hometown through high school. I belonged to a physics club and a chorus club and was class president in high school.

I left Hokkaido to enter a university of commerce in Chiba Prefecture, where I established a folk and western music club and held concerts in Hokkaido and other areas of Japan. I also established a music association and organized events such as charity concerts. I was also interested in politics and participated in student-run political activism.

I developed a strong interest to go abroad, which led me to work for an Italian computer firm. I had the opportunity to go on a 30-day company training program in Europe, where I was able to see the cultural and ethnic differences between Japan and foreign countries firsthand. I learned the basics of sales at the company.

Then I moved to a major software company and learned methods of developing software. I also saw how a company was run in difficult economic times – I was in charge of personnel reductions at the company’s Sapporo branch.

I decided to start my own company when the personnel restructuring slowed down and settled after two or three years. I was feeling responsible for what happened as a manager of the systems department and decided to quit the company. With seven co-workers of the company, I started a company based in Hokkaido with the aim of contributing to the local society.

While I was preparing to establish my company, I paid visits to say thank you to my former customers. I received orders from one of them, my client since I was at the Italian firm. I was lucky to have orders even before the company was established. After I established the company, I received orders from major companies that were also former clients and sales tripled in three years. This led me to realize the importance of maintaining good relationships with other people.

From the experience at the company’s foundation, I aim to develop a company that attaches importance to people – customers, employees, partnering companies. I want to highly esteem the people I have built relationships with and do work that benefits each of these people. I want to contribute to my local society using computer-related technologies.

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