Pandora Equipment Specialist Corp.

CEO Isidro M. Dela Cruz

Message to young people
If you believe in God, he will help you when you are in trouble. And if you are willing to make an effort while you are still young, you will become successful.

I was raised by religious Catholic parents. Influenced by them, I am also very religious, which I think is the foundation of who I am today. My parents were rice farmers but also ran an importing business. Having been brought up by such parents, I came to think that I would start my own business someday.

I worked for a steel-related company after graduating from university. My wife, who was adopted by a Japanese couple who run a dental office, had become a dentist. One day, her parents' business got into financial trouble and they sought my support to keep the dental clinic running. That’s why I decided to quit my job and help my stepparents’ business.

I had never worked for the dental industry until that time. But I had an advantage because my parents-in-law are Japanese. There are about 20,000 dental clinics in the Philippines and Japanese medical equipment is very popular, with demand for them very strong. I decided to import and sell secondhand equipment from Japan. I couldn't afford new ones, but secondhand ones perform well enough. The business went very well, but we were at a risk of failure six years ago when we found that someone whom we trusted stole the company's funds and medical equipment. To keep the dental business running, I believed in myself and worked very hard. Facing everyone in good faith and gaining trust and support from them, I could somehow overcome that difficult period.

Currently, we run seven dental clinics, including one in the biggest department store in the Philippines. My wish is to improve the overall medical services in my country.

Company Profile

Pandora Equipment Specialist Corp.
Import and sales of Japanese-made, secondhand dental instruments and management of dental clinics.