Ideation Japan Inc.

CEO & President
Teruyuki Kamimura

Message to young people
Discard the negative mind-set of the clever guy and charge up with the positive mind-set of the idiot. This is the truth of life.

I was born in a rural area in Yokohama. In my elementary and junior high school days, I was crazy about crayfishing, mountain expeditions and other activities without set rules as I was not good at baseball, soccer and other sports that required skills and have rules. Due to my poor physique, I practiced karate in my junior high school days and the Shorinji Kempo martial arts in college. I liked physics and mathematics, but was not good at history and Japanese classics, which required memorizing.

In college, I majored in electrical engineering. To my parents’ surprise, I chose to be a policeman as my first profession upon graduation. As a policeman, I experienced what ordinary people did not and the rare experiences helped to make me grow and build my personality.

After several years of service as a policeman, I was tempted to start my own business. One day, I noticed the profession of patent attorneys in a book about professional qualifications. I felt in my bones that this is my profession. Immediately, I quit the police and joined a patent office. After three years of hard study, I passed the state examination and obtained a certificate to be a patent attorney. Five years later, I opened my own patent office.

In choosing my first postgraduation job and changing the job in later years, I followed my instincts and dared to jump into the career path of my choice by defying other people’s objections. These might have been the memorable moments of my decision-making.

Currently, I am grappling with a new undertaking. It is the work to facilitate the creation of new goods and services of higher added value by enhancing people’s creativity and innovative prowess. It is innovations based on people’s creativity that lead people to happiness. Today, the corporations that create and provide innovative products and services of higher added value are prospering and winning high acclaim. Apple Co.’s iPod and iPad and Toyota Motor Corp.’s hybrid car Prius are typical cases. Being innovative is the key to survival and future growth for any business or nation. The short-cut to becoming innovative is the adoption of Contemporary TRIZ, a Russian acronym for the abbreviation that, translated literally, means Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. This theory was originally developed in the former Soviet Union some 60 years ago and has been developed in the United States and Europe, ushering in tremendous success due to its practical application in businesses and schools. I am determined to disseminate this theory in Japan and other parts of Asia.

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Ideation Japan Inc.
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