Life Design Partners

President Tomohito Asakawa

Message to young people
Have courage to make a decision and act on it. Knowledge is not might. Unless you make a decision and act, nothing changes. At the time of decision-making, nobody knows whether that decision is right. You will know the meaning of that decision in retrospect, depending on what kind of actions you take. You only live once. Make a decision to design your life by yourself and act with courage.

In my college days, I was seriously striving to be a professional pop singer and formed a duo with a senior student. I was in charge of singing and songwriting. We performed on the street and at festivals on campus. I was also the representative of the university’s long-running English-speaking club. Both experiences laid the foundations for my future career.

After graduating from university, I joined a venture firm. As a secretary to its president, I was assigned to the important task of corporate planning and new business development. I won high recognition inside and outside the company for my performance, but I began to wonder whether it would make sense to engage in planning and marketing with no experience in sales. I came to the conclusion that I should gain sales expertise in my 20s and achieve the goal of becoming No.1 in the world of sales. I quit the venture firm and moved to a firm disseminating the philosophy of personal development conceived by Napoleon Hill, the American author.

At this company, I won the annual top salesman award and could produce major results as chief of the branch offices. One day, at a personal development seminar, I heard some words by Michael Bolduc -- a noted American coaching expert known as the proponent of what he termed the “science of achievement” -- to the effect that there are only two types of people in this world: ones who narrowly focus on one’s survival and ones who focus on the designing of one’s ideal life. That's when I made up my mind. I decided to set up my own company to maximize my capabilities without fearing failure and to focus on the designing of my ideal life. This was the memorable decision-making moment in my life.

From now on, I would like to concentrate on the task of elevating the social status of salespeople. My conviction is that sales is an art. One can enhance one’s dignity and grow as a human through the profession as a salesperson. I also desire to be a world-class motivational speaker. My ultimate dream is to open a “success university” aimed at fostering successful leaders on an Asian scale, where people from various generations can join and learn about the philosophy of success and business skills.

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Life Design Partners
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