CEO Yonosuke Ito

Message to young people
Perseverance brings success and where there’s a will, there is a way.

My father’s business failure forced me to leave my parents when I was in second grade in elementary school and be raised by my aunt until graduation from junior high school. During that period, I didn't see my parents once. Ultimately, the experience made me self-reliant and probably helped me when I started my own business at age of 24.

After graduating from junior high school in 1960, I worked as a live-in employee for a fishing tools shop in Fukuoka until I was 19. Then I entered a Tokyo waterproof engineering company, operated by my father. After five years, I established a company to repair leaks due to rain. In 1980, I founded Azuma Kogyo Co., Ltd., which specialized in house painting and waterproof engineering work on a large scale.

It grew to yield nearly 2.4 billion yen in profits a decade after its founding. The company, however, incurred huge debts due to my poor handling of the rapid increase in sales. That caused financial institutions to withdraw their credit, leading the company and myself into bankruptcy in 1998. Since I had drawn no promissory notes at all, even up to the end, there had been no chain bankruptcies, something which I've been told is very rare.

After my business failure, I bought a used car for 300,000 yen and drove around all the Tokyo wards, looking for discoloration on building tiles. Each time I found such spots, I immediately went into the building to talk to the owner. If they agreed on the repair work for 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen, I then started working immediately and received money.

I continued working like this for quite a while before I established Gaisousenka Co. in 2003. In the beginning I was only receiving small contracts, but my business gradually grew to take on projects for buildings and large apartments. Since I was bankrupt, I mainly approached clients who could pay us immediately after construction was completed, such as building owners. To satisfy customers, I did my best to be sincere and always put my heart into my work. This attitude still lives in our company’s management philosophy.

Gaisousenka has now grown and receives large repair contracts directly from the managing associations of apartment buildings. From the viewpoints of clients, who want to minimize repair expense, we suggest repair strategies that avoid rushed schedules or excessive labor. We also stand by our work and take full responsibility through clearly written guarantees.

Last but not least, I make it a rule to owe no debts to banks. It's a lesson that I learned from my previous failure, and we intend to maintain our company's sound financial status.

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