DANA Energy

CEO Kim Baekgeon

South Korea
Message to young people
Young people need to be free from preconceived ideas and respect each other's culture. I hope that global capital and technological wisdom will be combined with a future-oriented philosophy so that South Korean and Japanese youths can get together under the common theme of humanity.

My father died when I was a junior high school student. My family had a hard time, so I had to give up my plan to go on to high school. Later, I started running a cement business once owned by my father, though at that time. I was dreaming of becoming a philosopher or a politician.

I started my business in the electricity-related field because I was a researcher and developer. I believe that energy saving can be done not by introducing technologies but by changing users’ behaviors while giving them information about their electricity usage and letting them reduce consumption by themselves.

When I started my business, I decided I would protect my family. We focused on research and development in the first eight years. We had difficulty raising funds for development. We carried out our business under a long-term plan of 10 years. This required us to have carefully prepared plans for operating the company. We could achieve success immediately. We eventually became capable of developing products that contribute to the country and the national economy, as well as turning out major products for export around the world.

Because South Korea is a resource-poor country, ideas are the basis for our international competitiveness. We always kept this point in mind. We have three pillars for our future operations: namely, establishment of a domestic sales network; spread of our brand through Elca ads; and efforts to expand sales and focus on exports. Elca brand products have a history of over 10 years. We will pursue a policy of differentiation for this area. Prospects appear to be bright for doing business in Japan. But we need to wipe out the residual anti-Japanese feeling in South Korea. I hope that the two countries' peoples will come to understand each other and work together in the world market as friendly partners.

Company Profile

DANA Energy
South Korea
Construction of systems for monitoring power consumption and stabilizing electricity supply.