Bodycote Japan

CEO Julian Bashore

Message to young people
Challenge and gain experience in many things and move ahead, having pride in excellent Japanese technology and culture.

I was born on the U.S. West Coast and brought up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. While studying at university, I learned the Japanese language along with business. I also studied at the Kyoto Japan Research Center, a Stanford University school in Japan.

Upon graduation from university, I entered PPG Industries, for which I worked as a sales engineer to supply paint to Japanese automakers. Three years later, I was assigned to work in Japan. I've been here now for more than 10 years.

In the winter of 2007 I was approached by a headhunter and joined Bodycote, which noted my experience in selling manufactured products to Japan.

My first decision was to establish a Japanese corporation in Nagoya, instead of Tokyo, where most multinational companies usually set up their head offices when they go into the Japanese market. I chose Nagoya, the biggest city in the central region of Japan, because I found it had better conditions, including transportation (having easy access to Tokyo and Osaka by Shinkansen), and prices lower than in Tokyo. Nagoya is also conveniently located for me to make business trips to cities in many areas of the country.

Bodycote is now planning to establish a factory in Japan so that we can provide our technology to more Japanese customers.

Company Profile

Bodycote Japan
Provider of heat treatments, metal joining, hot isostatic pressing and coatings services