Olive International Patent Office

President and patent attorney
Takaharu Fujita

Message to young people
Create world-class Japanese values, grapple with any tasks intensively and contribute to society.

During my elementary and junior high school days, I was caught up in baseball and dreamed of being a professional. But I suffered a serious arm injury and gave up the dream. In my senior high school days, I was crazy about collecting vintage clothing and phonograph records and was longing for the American culture of the 1950s. In my college days, I managed to buy a car on the money I earned from after-school jobs and enjoyed driving. I also enjoyed baseball, organizing a team with friends.

I joined a company in the automobile industry as I loved cars. At the firm's laboratory, I was assigned to an interesting research theme and entrusted with the task of purchasing and installing equipment for experiments and measuring. I really enjoyed work there, but I had made a decision in my graduate school days to become a patent attorney. So I quit the firm in 2.5 years to move to a patent law firm. I studied hard there, while learning practical skills of the patent business, to prepare for the national examination of patent attorneys. I was desperate to become qualified as a patent attorney for the well-being of my family.

At the patent law firm, I was entrusted with a responsible job with good pay, therefore withdrawing from my earlier decision to set up my own patent law firm. When I almost closed a major patent infringement case, I recalled my earlier plan to go independent. I thought I must go independent and if the attempt should fail, I would seek employment at another firm. My sentiment at that time was, "Nothing happens unless I act."

The biggest joy of a patent attorney's job is the encounter with new inventions before they come into the world. Whether clients' inventions successfully obtain patents rests on our skills to satisfy the Patent Office. Thus, we really feel a great sense of accomplishment when we successfully obtain a patent. Another attractive thing about this job is that we can provide solutions by making the best use of both our knowledge of the laws and our understanding of technologies.

I would like to continue providing services on intellectual property to contribute to society and to make our office staff happy. People may have old-fashioned, stodgy images of this kind of office, but I don't like that kind of atmosphere, so I try to create a bright and refreshing work environment.

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Olive International Patent Office
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