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SupervisorWu JinLang

Message to young people
You should be aware of the fact of your responsibility within a company is linked to its fate. You should work 10 times harder than other people do, experience hardships 10 times more and think 10 times more. You should have a clear view of the situation of the company and not be short-sighted. Use your brain fully and do not hesitate to implement what you think is right.

I was born in a farmer’s family. My family was relatively rich. I always had to help with jobs in the field after school. I envied friends who had free time to spend. As I grew up, I became aware of the need for me to do my best all of the time and endure hardships. I did not want to live an ordinary life. I decided that I would try to be independent once the opportunity arose.

After I graduated from university, I worked with a few companies, but most of them failed quickly because they were producing goods for which there was little demand. After working at a company in the LED industry for two years, I became aware of the huge potential in this sector. After all, lighting is necessary wherever there are humans. This is why I decided to start a business in the LED industry.

In the initial stages of our business, we tried to spread our own brand and establish a sales strategy. The business environment surrounding LED products was unstable because pirated models were on the market. This was our biggest obstacle. We therefore made an all-out effort to differentiate our products. We believe that when customers use our products, they will surely understand their excellence. When problems were found with products made by rival companies, we seized the opportunity and expanded our sales channels and raised our products' profiles. Two things are crucial for a company to survive and gain brand recognition: Always turning out products with an unchanged quality based on principles of craftsmanship; and providing solid service based on sales rules that will not put clients at a disadvantage.

Without being influenced by other existing lighting appliances, we will continue to develop LED-based products. We would like to develop products with a brighter light and a longer life. We are also making efforts to standardize LED products and provide more affordable models.

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LEDstars Opto Co.
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