Bin Shyh Enterprise Co.

CEO Wang JinHe

Message to young people
Be equipped with resources, within and out of yourself. External resources include former classmates, teachers, close friends, superiors and presidents. Internal resources include your attitude on learning, skills and experience, human connections and characteristics. You should also have a positive outlook. You must be grateful not only to those who helped you but also to those who were hard on you. Look for friends and rivals who will exert favorable influence for your growth. To be a truly successful person, you should not do everything by yourself. You should also use other people's power skillfully.

I was born in a poor village on the western coast of Taiwan. My parents were farmers. I was the 10th child of 12 children. Because we were very poor, my elder sisters could not receive further schooling. I helped my family while studying. I obtained a scholarship to attend high school. After finishing the compulsory education process and military service, I attended night school while working. I obtained a degree and found a job. But I was always striving for a better job and good pay in order to improve my family's way of life.

After graduating from a university, I entered a lens manufacturing company. I continued my studies after that to obtain new knowledge. I hoped to outdo my colleagues by working hard, but I was not so ambitious about my future at that time. Then I was named manager of marketing.

After I working as a manager, I started wanting to work at a different company. When I talked to my boss, he recommended that I launch my own business in the lens industry. When I established the current company, my boss and other people helped me on the financial front. Because they recognized my previous achievements, my business got off to a solid start.

I had many difficulties at the start, among them claims from eyeglass-making factories. But I could overcome the situation because many people provided me with financial help. We provided low-cost models at the initial stage, but we shifted to higher-grade products by developing new models and improving our quality and technology. As a result, we have earned profits from businesses in Italy, a leading country in the lens business, and those in Japan, a country where a high level of quality is required. After only three years, we opened an office and established a base for our business, at a time when land prices were rising sharply in Taiwan.

We hope to create fresh ideas by focusing on product development in close step with players in the research and development sector. We intend to make our staff more aware of intellectual property rights, strengthen our management structure and boost our competitiveness so that Bin Shyh will be an everlasting business.

Company Profile

Bin Shyh Enterprise Co.
Development and manufacture of polycarbonate optical lenses, industrial safety lenses, aspheric reading lenses, eyeglasses.
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