PT Salitrosa

CEO & President Hendra Juwono

Message to young people
Don’t give up easily. This is what I always tell my children. Take an interest in everything and try to be a specialist by using what you have.

My parents came from China. I grew up in Indonesia. I was raised in an easygoing atmosphere. They helped us do and study what we wanted. All my brothers studied in other countries. I also attended a junior high school in Singapore and went on to a senior high school in Australia and a university in London.

When I was in London, I worked as a salesman of prefabricated kitchens. I also worked as a dish washer and a mechanic. Later, I launched a company that makes kitchen cabinets. The company initially started with two people. We made one or two kitchens a week. Six months later, I employed three or four men. My business became the No. 1 company in the fitted kitchen market in London.

I started a trading business with my elder brother, who had lived in Australia. He was a building designer and familiar with the construction business in Australia. That is why we started exporting marble from Indonesia to Australia. At that time, marble was in short supply in Australia. We were the first to start a marble export business in Indonesia. I visited Australia frequently to help my brother with this business. After it stabilized, I decided to return to Indonesia. I knew an Australian fruit grower who was in my neighborhood when I was in Australia so I decided to start importing fruits from Australia. Permission for importing fruits and vegetables into Indonesia was obtained in 1989. This kind of permission had been previously issued only for one company. We started importing oranges from the Australian grower in 1990.
In the initial stage of my business, I experienced all the problems that often occur for ordinary start-up companies. The hardest job was the cash-flow problem. There are rules for trading in my business area. In trading in fruits, payments can be delayed for up to two months. Sales are influenced very much by differences in fruit prices from country to country, the trend of demand and weather.

We want to increase the import of other farm products and foods, for example, vegetables, meat and dairy products, through existing channels. These are all products that require refrigeration.

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PT Salitrosa
Import and sale of fruits and vegetables