Trilingual Japan

CEO Tatsuharu Hioki

Message to young people
Have a big dream. I want you to say big things like, “I will maintain world peace.”

Since I was a quiet child, my parents were tough on me to make me stronger. They would bundle me out of the house even when I had a cold or a fever. In the sixth grade of elementary school, I belonged to a children’s school of Toei and appeared on TV. In junior high school, I became interested in politics, and once opposed my teacher who was giving us a lopsided education due to his biased political views. I started karate from high school. In university and graduate school, I met my lifelong colleagues and friends.

After graduating with a master's degree, I worked as a salesperson at a translation association. After one or two months, a client invited me to join him in establishing a company. I later became president of that company. After five years, the company got on track and achieved its original target.

Wanting to return to university, I resigned from the company. When I reported this to my mentor, he told me, “You have know-how. I will support you if start your own company.” So I decided to do so. The start-up and running costs were provided by him.

In the beginning, the main source of revenue was from walk-in sales to new clients. Later, that shifted to orders from clients introduced by existing clients. Sales developed smoothly so I invested more in the company. I had a hard time after 12 or 13 years and had to restructure the company. I learned that business is the same as life and death in war and overcame that period through sheer fighting spirit. I really appreciated that many people helped me when I was having trouble and felt sure that encounters with people are a necessity and everything has meaning.

I want to maintain world peace, and I will do what I should do to achieve that.

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