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CEOYuichi Matsuda

Message to young people
Life is not entertainment. Have your dream and manage yourself to have your dream come true.

I was born the son of an affluent family in Meguro Ward in Tokyo in 1955. Soon after I entered high school, I had a part-time job selling nameplates on a commission basis. I did it fairly well, or far better than any of my colleagues. Although I earned money as a part-timer, I also played a lot at night with friends in trendy Tokyo spots. In the latter half of student days, though, I began studying seriously for college entrance exams and succeeded in getting into Chuo University.

I found employment in an automobile sales company upon graduation from university and worked very hard as a car salesman, visiting more than 100 places a day and developing my own customers. Though my sales performance for the first several months was inferior to that of most of my colleagues, I came out on top in the summer and continued to be outstanding. As a result, I got promoted rapidly, ahead of any of my fellow colleagues. Several years later, I became a section chief.

In the hopes of further improving my sales ability, I paid out of my pocket to take part in a foreign capital-affiliated training seminar. In the meantime, I began being asked by other companies to give talks about how to become a good salesperson.

I was recruited by the company that offered the seminar I attended and I bid farewell to some 12 years of my career as a car salesman to become a professional trainer. Later, I became the first Japanese person to become a training director there.

I established ASK Global Communication in January 2003 for developing and providing creative and original training programs, based on my own cherished theory on education and training for personal development.

In general, the successful launch of a new business depends on three requirements: 1) originality of merchandise or services; 2) a fair chance of revenue in the first six months of business operation; and 3) availability of initial cost of business. Fortunately, I was blessed with all three. I had certain amount of savings to cover the initial investment and a few corporate customers who had placed orders for my training programs even before my firm was officially established. But more importantly, I could successfully distinguish my company’s training and seminar services from those of other companies in the same field.

My company’s goals are to continue to develop and offer creative and original educational and training programs for improving competency, and to assist corporate and individual customers in realizing practical and outstanding achievements. We are prepared to assist customers in reinforcing their organizational teamwork through our educational and training programs, and in materializing the practical effects of the programs, such as the attainment of the highest growth rate within a particular business sector. I am confident that ASK Global Communication will become the leader among training seminars by developing Japan’s best possible training programs and fostering superlative training staff, and thereby making a meaningful contribution to the prosperity of society.

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ASK Global Communication Inc.
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