General Manager Chen Kun Chi

Message to young people
My business cannot be called a success yet. I will try to be modest and enhance myself along with people who are poised to start their business. Success requires strenuous effort and a firm resolve as well as a readiness to thank the people around you. There are not so many chances for you to start a business in your life. If you find a good opportunity, you should not hesitate to move forward toward your goal.

I was born in a fishing village. My father was a fisherman. My family was conservative and honored traditional values. I grew up in a poor environment. When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a baseball player.

After I started my business career, I hoped to be an entrepreneur. I have been curious about the food and beverage industry for a long time. My family and friends supported me. I was also helped by a veteran tea artisan very much.

When I was a student, I worked at a McDonald's. This gave me a valuable experience for running a business. When I was around 26, I started thinking about launching my own company, hoping my family would be better off.

When I started my business, the tea-related food industry was expanding in Taiwan. Because I opened a small shop at a minimum of cost, my business was a little profitable in the first three months. The first challenge for my business was specifically how to increase customers. There were also pressure from my competitors. It was really an ordeal both physically and mentally. I continued to work every day for several years.

My firm resolve was my sole means of overcoming the situation. I decided to expand into markets overseas. This was a big decision for me. I tackled everything seriously and I did not lose my self-confidence. I also tried to deal with partners and followers in good faith. A hit product from my company is a beverage based on oolong tea mixed with fresh white peach. It has caught on well with young women.

We hope to be a leading company in the tea beverage market by expanding into overseas markets. We started efforts to tap new markets three years ago. We are ready to break into the Japanese market and to this end, we are negotiating a contract with a Japanese company.

Company Profile

Food industry, restaurant operator