YP-system Corp.

President Hideo Yoshida

Message to young people
A person dies twice: when his or her physical being perishes and when his or her existence in this world is forgotten. Leave good signs of your existence in this world for all people.

I was diagnosed with asthma when I was a child, which always gave my mother great concern. My father worked in a plating factory. I studied economics at night school and during the day, I worked at the same factory where my father worked in the hopes of acquiring the knowledge needed to found a plating company.

Soon after graduating from university, I married a girl I had known since high school. My wife is now managing director of my company. Later on, I entered a special school for plating and obtained the qualifications required to open a plating factory.

When I was 29 years old, the owner of the small plating company for which my father and I were working offered to sell me the commercial rights to the company, which I accepted, considering it a rare opportunity to become independent, and persuaded my wife to cooperate. It was quite an effort to obtain a 1.5 billion yen loan from the Hokkaido Takushoku Bank and rebuild the old factory. During the construction period, we rented a warehouse to continue the plating work, but produced a mountain of defects and lost our customers’ confidence because the warehouse was not sufficiently equipped.

In a desperate effort to restore our customers’ confidence, we worked very hard from early morning to late at night. In the fifth year since taking over, our annual sales reached 100 million yen. And in the 10th year or so after the factory's founding, I realized that I was still short on plating knowledge. At the age of 44, I took a doctorate course at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Graduate School, determined to learn more about plating technology. There I began research on a pollution-free plating method. Our company now receives an annual subsidy from the government through NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) for pollution-free plating and have grown from a subcontractor to a full-fledged maker.

The way to conquer challenges will be closed when you are trapped by limitations such “no money," "no time" or "no people.” Just figure out a way to make it happen, but also keep in mind the withdrawal stage so as not to kill yourself. Failure is the mother of success.

Company Profile

YP-system Corp.
Metal surface treatment, production and distribution of fire extinguishers