HiPiHi Co.

CEO & Founder Xu Hui

Message to young people
I think your life will be more fulfilling if you pursue your own dreams by starting your own company, but remember that seeking only money will bring only anguish. Walk your own way to realize your true dream.

My father was a government executive and my mother was a schoolteacher. I grew up in a relatively wealthy family. My parents told me that I should study hard and do something to bring hope to China in the future. My dream as an elementary school student was to study very hard to promote China. When I was a high school student, I studied economics and management. During the summer holidays, I founded a small-size factory with my friends, but I felt that type of job would not suit me.

Around the time when the securities markets had opened in China, I founded a private bank backed by a group of investors. But many people in the securities and finance industries caused problems, so I lost my interest in the industry and left. Afterward, with the emergence of the Internet, I founded an Web service company called MyWeb

I think the Internet serves as a venue where people can not only read but also participate, so I wanted to create a world where they can communicate. But without knowing exactly what I would do, I founded a group company.

We started by developing a 2-D world, but unexpectedly a group leader resigned, and other staff followed him. As there were insufficient funds and developers, I almost gave up. But seeing this incident as an opportunity, we turned to the production of a 3-D world. Finding talented staff was the most difficult task, but a university professor remarkably succeeded in completing a demo application within only a month. I made him a leader of the development team. At the end of 2006, we produced a prototype and launched HiPiHi.

I would like to continue running HiPiHi for a long time. Unlike normal companies, a large profit isn’t our goal; the important thing is to enjoy ourselves. We should help others in life and not only pursue material benefits. It doesn’t matter whether we are a company or not; we should not only seek wealth but also happiness.

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HiPiHi Co.
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