Esmod Jakarta

President Mayadewi Hartarto

Message to young people
You should not give up when you start any business. Particularly, businesses like a school operator take a long time to succeed. You should make a careful start and go through the process slowly while upholding yourself until the end.

I grew up in a warm-hearted family. My parents always tried to spare their time for their children. They were really busy because they were working with government agencies. But they gave importance to spending time with us. They often talked about politics within the family.

I studied in Jakarta from elementary school to junior high school. Then I studied in Boston from high school to university. I did so because all my brothers and sisters had studied abroad. I returned to Indonesia just after graduating from university and helped a nonprofit organization run by my mother. Two years later, I mapped out a plan to inaugurate Esmod.

It took two years for me to launch my school business. I did market research, met various people and collected information mainly about schools with flexible programs or those ready to accept foreign cultures as well as requirements for opening schools. I also traveled to Paris and New York. I visited various schools and studied their merits and demerits. In France, I received lessons as a trainee.

I started my school business in 1996. It was the first fashion school in Indonesia. It is very difficult to operate a school in Indonesia. We have to concentrate on education from the beginning to the end. Unlike other kinds of businesses, we cannot obtain quick returns. But this is not a bad business from a long-term perspective. This is a long-term investment. Initially, Indonesian people could not imagine just what a fashion school is. I visited various schools and met parents to explain my plans for the fashion schools in detail.

My dream is to expand our schools throughout the country. At present, we operate schools only in Jakarta. I am afraid that it is difficult for people in remote areas to study at our schools. Another problem is that tuition fees are expensive for locals. We want to open schools with reduced fees that will be more accommodating.

Company Profile

Esmod Jakarta
Fashion and design school operator