Digital Network Knowledge

President Thomas Widodo

Message to young people
Wake up immediately and look around yourself. Please find things you can change by yourself. You cannot move forward as long as you stick to the conventional way of doing things. You should always find something new.

I was born in Magellan, a town in central Java. I have an elder sister and a younger sister. My parents were selling spare parts for electric appliances. After spending 19 years in Magellan, I went to a university in Boston. While studying at the university, I also worked with a company under what they called a cooperative program.

After graduating from the university, I entered a company that develops a videoconferencing system. I was better off and there was no problem. But I wanted to do something challenging. I decided to return to Indonesia with what I learned in America. Then I met two people with the same visions and dreams as me. They are now my business partners.

We decided to develop a more reliable Internet connection device. Initially, we had difficulty raising the necessary money. But two major communication companies approached us and asked us to develop products they needed. We talked with them and agreed to work with them. They taught us about communication-related laws and rules and how to obtain licenses in Indonesia. But in 2004, we found their policies differed from ours. As a result, we acquired their businesses.

We started as an Internet access provider and then became a satellite component provider. We hope to spread our business throughout Indonesia. There remain untapped markets, among them areas related to commerce, banking, mining and the military. It may take five to 10 years for us to be ready to break into these areas. After that, we would like to expand into foreign countries.

Company Profile

Digital Network Knowledge
Telecommunications and satellite business operator