President and Managing Editor

Huang Chun-Yi

Message to young people
The Doctrine of the Mean, one of the four books that record the theories of Confucius, says that sincerity is the beginning and the end of everything. Sincerity is an important value.

I grew up in a poor family in a riverside district of Taipei. I was a wild child and I had no strong interest in studying. I believed the compulsory education was enough for me. Later, I came to have an interest in things around me and our life became relatively rich. When I was a child, I hoped to be an artist or a calligrapher. When I was a student, a part-time job was my sole business-related experience. Because I was not a man with a strong character, there were no good opportunities for me.

When I was 18 or 19 years old, I started wanting to experience many more things in the world around me. When I started my career, I received influences from religion and my heart was filled with ideals. As a person who studies the thoughts of the Buddhist saints, I hoped to enter the real world more actively, experience many things and accomplish something.

The business environment surrounding the Internet and related technologies had become open. This made me feel that the burgeoning business culture would help me do something. I have had many failures in my life. But I was able to continue what I hoped to do with the help of other people. The foremost help for me was my elder brother. His interactive influence helped me move forward. I started thinking about launching a business because I wanted to make money for my poor family.

Another goal was to broaden my perspective about science and technology and the Internet. An opportunity for me to start a business came naturally to me. I did not take action myself, nor had I prepared a plan. A business model that had been talked about at that time called for combining information media, the Internet and disks into a single magazine by a new means. I believed this would be a big hit, but it did not sell at all.

The first challenge for my business was financing. I started a monthly magazine and this was the most challenging job for me. By trial and error, we changed models many times.

Our company aims to maintain our links to science and technology and moving people’s hearts. We also try to tap new markets. We hope to make move content available on the Internet while introducing simplified Chinese characters as well as English and Japanese languages.

Company Profile

Magazine publisher and workshop organizer for electronic-related businesses
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