M Hotel Sathorn Co.

CEO & President

Pamongkol Chayavichitsilp

Message to young people
If you recognize what you want to do by yourself, you should do it. If you start something, you should never go back. When things don't go well, you can change to a different way of solving it. You shouldn't give up or stop. I hope you will find what you would like to do. Then I am sure that you will succeed.

When I was a child, I didn't study hard. I was a child who liked to be in his own world. After I became an elementary school pupil, I was always doing strange things. I had a very clear-cut personality anyway. I liked thinking about what to do next. I had dreamed about starting my own business from childhood.

I started working as a computer engineer at an electronics shop when I was a high school student. After entering a university, I worked as an intern at the Thairat newspaper, covering economic news. After that, I worked with a government agency in charge of retirement pensions. This is because I wanted to learn about managing and operating large amounts of money. Then I switched to a job with Bangkok Bank, where I worked for a year. I wanted to learn about loan transactions there, specifically how a bank extends a loan to a company in need. This experience helped me when I applied for a loan to start my business.

When I was a kid, I passed in front of a certain building many times and I had always hoped one day to remodel it. After I became an adult, I learned that it was valuable real estate, but I didn't know how to go about acquiring it. I asked an expert to calculate the possible risk and return, but he said, "It's up to you because you are the owner." I had to determine what to do by myself. Then I had a revelation. I decided to build a low-price hotel there with a room charge of only around $50 a night per head.

I had to talk to banks, contractors and other people before starting the hotel business. But they didn't take me seriously because I was young. Some didn't believe that it was actually my own project. One person thought that a wealthy man was giving his son a business instead of a toy. He quoted an exorbitant price, apparently to show how irritated he was with a seemingly juvenile plan. This was the case with banks as well. When I outlined my business plan to bankers, they didn't trust me. Some banks even refused to see me.

Although my hotel is located on Sathorn Street, which is lined with high-class five-star hotels, it's a low-price designer hotel. I want to apply this concept to condominiums and guest houses. The condos will have comfortable, nicely decorated units, which will be offered at reasonable prices attractive to anyone.

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M Hotel Sathorn Co.
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