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COO-Asia Li Jincheng

Message to young people
To start your business, passion, a sense of responsibility and a long-term commitment are crucial. With these three, you will overcome difficulties and win in the end. I wish all of you can enjoy the process of founding a company and finding success.

I went to a sports school and spent most of my boyhood at school. I had such fulfilling days by taking classes during the day and doing sports in the evening. After reading a book titled “Why 100,000?” I became interested in math, physics and chemistry. I studied them hard and I was always one of the top students at school.

After graduating from high school, I worked for a vehicle company for 1½ years in a village and then I served in the military 1½ years. Later on, I realized my long-awaited goal of entering a university and earned a Ph.D. and served as a researcher at universities in the United States. While I was doing research, I joined an information processing company. After that, I returned to China and started a new telecommunications service with my friend. Then I joined the current company, Achievo, where I have had extensive experience in M&A (mergers and acquisitions) as Senior Vice President and strove for the company's development.

As Senior Vice President I was responsible for operations in Asia. When I was asked to become the president I accepted it.

Since I have assumed the position of president, I have enjoyed bringing better results by embracing two feelings: my feeling toward my homeland, China, as well as my feeling toward America, which helped me to grow.

In our company, the largest number of orders comes from abroad and the situation is still favorable. Within a few years, I would like to strengthen and expand the company. I would like to strengthen relations with clients, the ability of development and our profit-making potential. Eventually, I would like to enhance our competitive edge so that we can compete with India as well as on the global stage.

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