Prolight Opto Technology Corp.

CEO Hsing Chen ChenLun

Message to young people
Just work hard. Never give up. Unless you keep trying, you'd never find your shot at success.

My father was a police officer and my mother was an ordinary housewife. My family was not wealthy because my parents had so many children. But we had good times together at home. When I was a student, my parents had strong expectations for me and urged me to study hard. I dreamed of becoming a scientist.

After graduating from school, I took part in a bomb research team for the military. Four years later, I left the military, hoping to find a job related to people’s lives. Later, I happened to be impressed by a certain business related to light-emitting diodes. With help from a senior engineer at the company where I had worked for two years, I found work in America, which allowed me to study applied LED lighting.

While working at an American company, I was satisfied with the job itself. But I had a strong desire to sell products myself. Even when the high performance of our products was confirmed at the laboratory level, their real power was not recognized on the market. I made up my mind to go independent. I was in charge of high-performance LED packaging at the company. The LED packaging market had not grown as yet at the time. Because I had started research at a relatively early time in Taiwan, I could obtain necessary funds and launch a business.

The first business model for my company was to develop high-performance LED packaging for lighting equipment companies. We had difficulty securing employees and obtaining funds in the initial stage. We also had problems with product development, and sometimes, we couldn't even pay salaries to employees. Fortunately, I met an investor and we managed to solve the problems concerning product development. Three years after our launch, we drastically changed our products. But this lead to a serious quality-control issue. We had to recall a large amount of products and lost customers’ confidence with our products.

At one point, our company almost went bankrupt because a co-founder, along with his team, left for a rival company and starting making the same kind of products. I personally obtained a loan of 3 million Taiwan dollars from a bank and had to search for a new investor. Fortunately, our financial problems were resolved after six months. Our efforts to improve our products' quality has been appreciated and allowed us to maintain loyalty with our customers.

Company Profile

Prolight Opto Technology Corp.
LED packaging manufacturer
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