PT Kemang Food Industries

CEO Iwan Gogo Bp Panjaitan

Message to young people
Never give up. This is the key to success. And always have dreams. Having no dream is equal to death.

I was born in Bandung. I had two younger brothers and a younger sister. Because my father was working with the military, we visited various countries. I went to Bangkok and New Zealand. When I entered a university, I parted from my family. My family was in Jakarta, while I lived in Bandung. Later, I went to America to study at a graduate school. First, I worked with Citibank for 1½ years. After that, I worked as a banking law consultant for about five years. Later, I worked with a businessman who belonged to an Indonesian conglomerate for two years. Then I established my own consulting firm.

While operating a consulting firm with three friends of mine, we visited various companies, hoping to buy potentially successful businesses. First, we bought a dealership of Ducati motorbikes. After that, we acquired Kemang Food Industries.

There was no problem in terms of production volume, but prices were low because the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. It was poorly managed, and we believed it would be possible to rebuild it. In Indonesia, high-quality foods can be made, but most Indonesians cannot afford to buy them. So, we tried to produce foods that are available at affordable prices.

The workers' salaries had been very low. When we entered the company, they feared that many of the employees would be fired and we were hated. But we only changed the management system and philosophy of the company. They gradually understood our policy.

When we acquired Kemang Food, monthly sales totaled 3 billion rupiah, with a staff of 250. Sales have now grown to 7 billion rupiah and we now have 300 employees. We hope that our products will be widely known in Indonesia. I personally hope that my family will be happy. I also hope to improve the living standards for our employees.

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PT Kemang Food Industries
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