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Message to young people
In addition to being smart, be honest, faithful, serious and creative all the time.

I lived in the Kebumen area, central Java, until the age of 10. When my mother was pregnant, she ate only a little, so I was physically weak when I was born and very frequently sick as child. People in the neighborhood said, “This child won’t be able to study.” This saddened my mother, but she made me try various things, believing that I must have some kind of talent.

After studying in America, I obtained a teacher’s license. I loved drawing pictures, so I put out an ad for a babysitting job and drew a picture by myself. “I am a teacher and good at drawing pictures, and I can take care of your babies. Please contact me,” the ad said. The ad had a good overall response, and I got orders from 13 people. I earned $2,000 a month against my husband’s salary of $200.

After I made money through my babysitting jobs, I entered a beauty school. After graduating from the school, I put out an ad again, this time as a cosmetician. I started providing beauty care services to various customers. Later, I turned part of our home into a beauty parlor. The number of customers increased and investors came to me. I also started studying traditional herbs and spices, and in 1976, I developed cosmetics with a friend. We released various kinds of cosmetics and later launched different companies to sell different lines. We concentrated on showing customers the difference between our products and conventional one.

The most important thing was to differentiate our products, basing them in our own beauty culture, while having them as effective through verification and lab testing. For that, we have continued to develop products in conjunction with a major pharmaceutical company in Indonesia for the past 22 years. We have also obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards from Britain and America.

I'm hoping we can expand our business in the future. I am also engaged in a welfare-related business, which provides opportunities for volunteer activities, education and handicrafts and research facilities and workplaces for women. I would like to expand our business in all these areas. We have 45 franchisees at present and I will continue to provide job opportunities to various people.

Company Profile

Martha Tilaar Group
Research, manufacture and sales of cosmetics and herbal cosmetics, and spa operation.