Ohshima Industry Co.

CEO & President Yasutomo Ohshima

Message to young people
Do what you don't like first.

I was obsessed with baseball during my childhood. I was rated the No. 1 junior high school baseball player in Fukuoka Prefecture, which allowed me to attend the prestigious Minoshima High School in Wakayama Prefecture. Venturing into a new environment alone at the age of 15, I was filled with dreams and hopes. But I was overwhelmed by my classmates and felt like crying over my poor ability in baseball. As I gradually began to realize the high skill level of the high school, which was a regular participant of the annual national high school baseball tournament at Koshien Stadium, I became frustrated and homesick, so I practiced baseball even harder. Koshien was nothing special for the school and local people, but our performance at Koshien counted for a lot. Not a tear was shed when we lost the game. But back in the clubhouse, our manager, Mr. Bito, who had never praised the players, said, “Good job. Well done.” I cried and realized that my high school baseball days had ended.

Due to my father’s illness, I came back to Fukuoka after graduating from high school and took over the family business. In addition to the existing construction service, I started a transportation department. On our cargo trucks, I put the words “Keep trying!” which I always kept in my mind so I could work hard toward re-establishing Oshima Industry Co.

What surprised me about my mind-set was a letter from a parent and a child. They were about to close their business when one of our our cargo trucks happened to stop in front of them. They saw the words “Keep trying!” and decided to try again, which led them to success. I was glad to read their thanks for this curious turn of fate.

I also feel lucky to have met all the workers in my company. How mystifying yet intriguing is the way they have selected their workplace from among millions of companies. I highly value these human relations.

The only mission of our company is do our jobs everyday without making a fuss or having wild ambitions. Even though troubles might befall us, I believe that a chance comes after difficult situation. When you are batting with the bases loaded with two outs, just go for it! This is the only way that I can think and maybe this is why I can do my best at anything.

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