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CEO & President Yoshikazu Ohba

Message to young people
Frustration is a part of life. You should take on challenges fearlessly and set high goals for yourself, even though you might be frustrated. The ability to overcome frustration repeatedly builds character.

In my childhood, I was a reckless, adventurous boy and always had fresh cuts and bruises. After entering school, I became quiet, maybe due to the fact that I was repeatedly changing of schools (my father was principal of one of them). In high school, I joined a kendo club, which strengthened me mentally and physically. I enjoyed my college days; rather than concentrating on studying, I joined both kendo and judo clubs and touring around on my motorbike. While I was held back for one grade, I worked as an apprentice to a cook? in a Japanese restaurant.

In my 20s, I worked very hard for an architecture office. I stayed until late every evening, but I liked my job. Before the age of 30, I founded my own architecture firm. With around 10 staff, I mainly oversaw the design and construction supervision of apartment buildings.

When I was 40, I co-founded a comprehensive legal office with two lawyers who were acquaintances of mine. I joined as a first-class, nationally qualified architect and building engineer. It was useful for me to learn the legal mind. Six years later, I concentrated on managing an architecture office again, but realizing the limitations of what I could do, I changed jobs and my current company at a management-level position.

I was named a corporate officer during an unfavorable financial period for our company, which inspects the quality of housing. I contributed to the company’s turnaround by developing new services, which led to me being named president. At that time, it was desirable for the company to put me in this position to eliminate interference from the parent company in the real estate and construction sectors.

At the start of my presidency, it seemed difficult for me to negotiate with owner companies and stockholders, as I had only a small stake in the ownership. But my consciousness of the necessity for fairness and neutrality as an inspection institution and my pride as a technical expert made me a strong negotiator, which led to the autonomy of the company.

Today, we have received a certain recognition as a fair and neutral inspector with increasing coverage by industry publications. I would like to make use of my current studies at the Department of Architecture and Building Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, and together, with all of my staff, adhere to the high standards of fair and neutral inspections.

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