Cybozu Inc.

CEO Yoshihisa Aono

Message to young people
Challenge and contribute to society. That is the secret to living a happy life.

I am from a rural area of Ehime Prefecture in Shikoku, where I attended a small elementary school. I was a mere country boy who played in the local hills and mountains. In junior high school days, I bicycled to a nearby city from time to time, and I was fascinated by personal computers from the first time I saw them in an electronics store there. From then on, I visited the shop almost weekly to admire the workings of the computer.

Upon graduation from university, I entered Matsushita Electric Works as I was hoping to work in a big company in Osaka, which is close to my hometown. Because I liked to work indoors, and I had possessed a PC ever since I was in junior high school, I had hoped for a research job, but I was first assigned to the business planning division, contrary to my wish.

My job at Matsushita Electric Works was the management of in-house information systems, where I discovered, to my delight, intranet software that uses Internet technology. I instantly found it "amazing and terrific" and felt I had to launch my own business using this technology. I established a company to improve the systems that enable even computer illiterates to work comfortably.

It has been nearly five years since I assumed the presidency of my company. For the first two years of my presidency, I tried my hand in many areas of businesses and failed, being ignorant of what a company president should be. I believed that if I become president, our software will start selling like hotcakes everywhere in the world. I was so naïve that I seriously thought my company could become like Microsoft in a few years. I don’t think like that anymore. The more I see my limitations, they more humble I've become.

To be honest, I don't put a big emphasis on making the largest possible sales or profits. I love Cybozu's software, so naturally I want it to be used around the world. Ultimately, I want it to be said that Cybozu software is used by more people than any other software.

Company Profile

Cybozu Inc.
Development and distribution of software for Internet and intranet