Couleur Holdings

CEO Kentaro Matsuda

Message to young people
Believe in yourself and your partners' potentials and grow together. Where there is a will, there's a way.

In my childhood I spent a lot of time playing in the nearby mountains with neighborhood friends. After graduating from high school in Kagoshima Prefecture, I moved to Tokyo and did a variety of jobs for money before entering university a year later. While in college, I started an apparel business from the money I had earned from selling accessories imported from Hawaii to apparel shops. Shortly afterward, I dropped out of university and failed in the apparel business after three years because I was ignorant of what it takes to manage a business.

Then I entered Venture Link Co. and through business consultation, I learned a lot about how businesspeople, clients of Venture Link, who were running their companies and what they were thinking about. And then I moved to Livedoor Marketing Co., presently Media Innovation Co., and specialized in promotion and marketing. There I learned how to make decisions promptly, that hard work will be rewarded, that speed is of the upmost importance, and what the better business model is.

I then established my own company in November 2007 because I desired to live a life that would be full and without regrets. I aimed to run my own business in my mortal life, which I also considered as a kind of redemption for the failed business attempt of my teens and as a way to regain my pride.

Couleur Holdings started with only a few people, including me, so it wasn’t always easy in the beginning. But I wasn’t worried because I had faith in us. I naturally owe my colleagues a great deal for the company's growth. They are the foundation of my company.

Our company will continue to concentrate on the IT business in principle while making itself always ready to respond flexibly to market needs, which always change and grow. Rather than relying too heavily on one service, we would like to develop and provide solutions that can solve customers' problems by always putting ourselves in their shoes. As “conversion reps” who always solve customers' problems and produce positives results, my team, along with our customers, will continue to influence the market.

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Couleur Holdings
Development of next-generation tools for Internet marketing