Bookoff Corp.

CEO & President Hiroshi Sato

Message to young people
Enjoy yourself while you are in college. Once out of school, work hard and experience hardships in your 20s and stand tall through it all.

I was born in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, and was brought up without many restrictions. Although I was bullied by classmates when I moved to an elementary school in Yokohama, I eventually became the student president of the elementary school and then later student president of my junior high school. So I had good times and bad times while growing up.

I received a master's degree in social engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and seriously wanted to enter the Home Affairs Ministry and become a governor to make the world a better place to live.

After graduating from university, I found employment with a consulting firm, where I was drilled into a spirit of elitism – “you are different from others” – and did consulting work for companies from my first year of employment. Doubts about my job occurred to me, leading me to hope to do something more substantial or tangible. While looking for a company that could give me an opportunity to do it, I came across Bookoff Corp.

While I was serving as president of a Bookoff subsidiary, irregular financial accounts were revealed, compelling the chairman of the company to resign and the president to become chairman without representation. And I consequently succeeded him as president, recommended by the board of directors.

In the early days of my presidency, the company was in such turmoil that I feared it might not survive. I took on the responsibility of keeping the company afloat at whatever cost. I made sure that I stuck to the original spirit of the company, as established by its founders, while not hindering any individual's growth, and strived to establish Bookoff's core business. To reform the company, I established a policy of transparency, making everything open to employees – whether they were permanent or temporary – franchisees, stakeholders, and other people working with the company.

I want to make Bookoff an indispensable institution in a society for people who don’t want to throw things away. I hope there will continue to be a societal need for Bookoff and that it will continue to grow. To achieve that goal, I want to standardize the Bookoff Super Bazaar, a large complex of Bookoff shops, which could yield a recurring profit of 100 million yen a year, and be able to expand branches of that type within two years.

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Bookoff Corp.
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