Toho Jidousya Co.

CEO Yoshitake Shibusawa

Message to young people
To run a company, you should have accounting knowledge and the ability to analyze figures, use appropriate knowledge about sales at the startup time, profit ratio during the growth period, and taxes for when it matures. To enrich many people's lives for a long time, create a well-balanced business in both reality and practice. Means and methods could change depending on the times and sense of values, so it is an important requirement for leaders to understand the mission of the business, convey that message and act on that mission.

My father is the founder of my company. I grew up watching him and from when I was small I knew I had to succeed him one day. During school days, I preferred to play with friends rather than studying at my desk. I learned about relationships with others through that. I was thinking about how I could take leadership in the group. I think I studied the most at university.

To gain work experience outside the family business, I decided not to enter the family business immediately after graduating.It's said that Tokyo is all about the economy and Osaka is about commerce, so I joined a machine trading company in Osaka. Buying machines is a costly capital investment for clients. As a salesperson of industrial machines, I studied hard to understand the clients' business plans, production plans, etc. After two years, I thought about changing my job, and my father advised me to enter the family business. After doing that, I was very aware of a lack of human resources and how hard it was to recruit people. This was during the bubble era, and I struggled a lot. Finding a solution in information technology, I introduced computers and established a network system at the company.

I was not the type to work my way up from the bottom. When I was in the executive director position in my mid-20s, I made an asset evaluation of my company and the evaluation was negative. I heard that when an evaluation is negative, you should trade stocks at the par value of issued stocks. I was thinking capital and management should be united. So to be the manager, I asked to move both capital and management to me at that time.

Faced with negative assets, I set out to make our company No. 1 in the industry during my lifetime. First, I started with the inventory clearance of balance sheets. You find old, unusable stocks through inventory clearance. The longer the company’s history is, the more assets and liabilities a company has on its balance sheet. It took me six to seven years to sort out all those stocks in a way that would be acceptable to a third party. After that, I placed a high priority on the company's relocation. After moving, we attracted many employees, including new graduates, which raised overall morale.

I think there is still much room for growth in the car dealership business, so I would like to continue to develop stores centered around small cars. I would like to develop and expand stores that fit the times.

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Toho Jidousya Co.
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