Canvas Mapple Co.

CEO & President 
Yukihiro Yamamoto

Message to young people
If you want to succeed, the first thing to do is devote yourself to work for a whole year, dumping everything else. That will make the world around you different.

I was just an ordinary child. I liked science classes and was obsessed with assembling microcomputer. I often went to the Akihabara electronics shopping district by bicycle for LEDs, circuit boards and other components. When I managed to assemble a computer by reading special science magazines, I would show it off to friends who shared the same hobby. Although I majored in commerce at Keio University, I wanted to get a manufacturing job after graduation.

While many of my classmates found employment with trading companies and financial institutions, I got a job with a nonferrous metal maker and worked there for seven years, primarily as a provider of material products to manufacturers, until I changed my job to an electric appliances maker, hoping to work more closely with consumers.

I am thankful to the appliances manufacturing company for having let me experience a wide range of businesses – budget management, production, planning, sales and development. I thought that not an individual person but a team could make it bigger and better. Later on, I founded Canvas Mapple Co. with a friend from college and another friend.

In the first year after the company's founding, I traveled around Japan to look for and recruit talented people in the hopes of producing a good car navigation device with them. We specialized in the development of portable navigation equipment. In the spring of 2009 I formally assumed the presidency of the company.

For the company to get into the black for a single year, the company had to quadruple its sales over the previous period, compelling me to actively work for everything - negotiating with development companies and others concerned, promoting the products, etc. I have also been mindful of our staff morale, hoping that the staff could freely bring out the best of their very abilities and produce superb navigation devices

I would like to create a new value and a system for directly delivering that value to the consumer in this era of the Internet, through which you can search a vast amount of information. I would like to have our company be ready to deliver you valuable information through various devices.

Company Profile

Canvas Mapple Co.
Development, planning and sales of digital maps for car navigation systems