PT Bin Komara Huma/ Bin House


Josephine Werratie Komara

Message to young people

My parents were very dynamic people. My mother was born in Patak, Berastagi. She was the type of person who says what she thinks without hesitation. My father was born in Surabaya and he had the same character as my mother’s. I was born in a family where everything was spoken clearly.

When I was a child, I wanted to be an ordinary housewife. I also dreamed of becoming a firefighter. I wanted to go up and down between floors like a firefighter by making a hole on the second floor of our home.

When I was 17, I was interested in many things. Textile shops were one of them. My mother was very beautiful and always dressed nicely. She attended parties at places like embassies wearing nice dresses. She was also perfect in cooking. I wanted to be a woman like my mother. I helped my mother frequently when she put on her dress or made accessories.

I didn't try to start a business by myself. I was just selling goods in an ordinary manner. But I was told by a friend one day, “Now is the time for you to launch a company.” I did everything by myself. Later, I hired a maid and a driver, but I did everything at the start. I was very happy when I sold cloths for the first time. In our village, many people were doing the same business by gathering weavers, but I was the only one who would eventually enter the business of retailing contemporary fashion.

My goal for the future is to create a major cloth product that can represent Indonesia. There are many such products, but I hope to produce a product that may one day become an icon of Indonesian cloth.

Company Profile

PT Bin Komara Huma/ Bin House
Designing, weaving and sale of batik and cloths