L&S Holdings

CEO & President Bae Dong Chul

South Korea
Message to young people
Just try everything without fear. Start everything with a sense of joy and generously thank other people. And hang in there!

Both my father and grandfather were business owners, so there was a precedent for me start my own business. When I was a child, I had various dreams. First of all, I wanted to be an architect. After finishing my stay in America, I considered switching to a different department during freshman year at university. After much thought, I remained in the business department and I went on to the business school. I concentrated on studying while I was a student.

Immediately after obtaining an MBA at the business school, I enrolled in the army. It was during this period that I came to have strong interest in the roles of the win-win situations and reestablished my goal as a consultant. I am doing jobs in the tourist and leisure market, business consulting, coaching and community-related operations. I started working in these fields out of my desire to lead the markets while foreseeing changes in society and business infrastructure in the future. I am a Christian, and God gives me wisdom in the course of my uneven life.

Fifteen years ago, I began to look for a job that I could do. I ran a restaurant, I established a design firm and I made “character goods” and worked in Internet-related areas. These have become a base for the competitiveness that I have now.

I feel a lot of stress and loneliness when I have to make a hard decision about any job. Consulting aimed at building win-win situations was of the foremost interest to me. My job is still far from a success. A lot of things remain to be done. I’m hoping to succeed in these three business areas: consulting, coaching and community.

The tourist and leisure market is becoming bipolar at present. I am interested in the premium segment of the market and I would like to focus on this part. I also hope to be a leading company in Asia that specializes in consulting and eventually to become an internationally accepted consulting company. Japan is a market that has unlimited potential. I believe that the three areas of market mix, product mix and HR mix will be indispensable for Japan and South Korea in developing constructive relations between their markets from now on. With this in mind, I am shuttling between Japan and South Korea frequently.

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L&S Holdings
South Korea
Tourist agency and air ticket sales business