Japanet Takata Co.

CEO Akira Takata

Message to young people
Tackle an immediate task and devote yourself to what you like. Cherish the present and hang on to your dreams.

During my college days, I belonged to an English Speaking Society (ESS) to learn the language in earnest. In those days I wanted to communicate using English with people from all countries. In 1970, when I was a university student, the Osaka World Exposition was held, and since the expo site was near my university campus, I often visited the site to speak to foreign visitors in English. The happiness I felt when I was able to communicate in English is still a vivid memory.

I found employment with a machinery maker that had a foreign trade department. I was assigned to work in Europe as a business interpreter when I was 23 years old. For about eight months, I traveled around Europe and came in contact with various peoples and cultures. It was a very valuable experience. At 25, I left the company and returned to my hometown of Hirato, Nagasaki Prefecture, to help my father, who was then running a camera shop, and came to be devoted to the world of photography and do various kinds of jobs concerned with it. We branched out into Sasebo, a town little larger than Hirato.

In 1986 I opened my own camera shop and ran advertising on the local radio. One day, I introduced compact cameras on the air and, to my surprise, attracted a number of favorable reactions. This got me thinking it could be exciting if I could do this on a nationwide scale. That is what led to Japanet Takata. I gradually expanded my network and started television shopping in 1994, catalog shopping in 1999 and Internet shopping in 2001, which has developed to form what is called a media mix.

Since I opened my camera shop, I have thought of various things to make our services better and distinct. For instance, we launched a service to develop film within one day, instead of the usual two days. We’re always thinking of ways to provide beneficial and friendly services to customers. Now we have our own television studio so that customers can easily purchase selected items at reasonable prices.

We cannot predict what the world will be like in 10 or 20 years. What is important is to take on each immediate task, one by one, which I believe will lead to a better future.

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