Sagamiya Foods Co.

CEO & President Junji Torigoe

Message to young people
If you try, you can achieve anything! Nothing can happen or change until you act. If you have a bit of courage, you can do anything. The important thing is to give it a go by yourself and make a move!

I grew up in Kyoto and had been thinking since I was a junior high school student: “I need to get out of Kyoto’s closed society. There must be something for me if I go to Tokyo.” So I chose to enter a Tokyo university. I wanted to see, hear and absorb many things.

Before entering my present company, I was working at Snow Brand Milk Products. When the food-poisoning scandal occurred, I visited clients day after day to apologize. That’s when I deeply felt the importance of food safety and the sense of security that comes from it. It has been always on my mind since then.

I became the president of my company by inheriting the business from my father-in-law, who had led the company for a long time. An enterprise is exactly like the founder’s life. Inheriting his business, the first thing I resolved to do was never lead the business into bankruptcy and to nurture it into a top company in its industry.

With recent annual sales exceeding 10 billion yen, my company became the undisputed top company in its industry. I believe the success came from our innovations within the traditional tofu industry.

Our long-term target is annual sales of 100 billion yen. I think there must be more we can do but only after gaining a dominant position in the industry. I want to turn the traditional tofu industry to a dynamic one.

Company Profile

Sagamiya Foods Co.
Food industry (soybean processing by-product)