Fujimaki Japan Inc.

President Yukio Fujimaki

Message to young people
Read books. See films. Travel. Gain various experiences. If you keep practicing these four activities, then you will live an exciting life, I assure you. It is important to be interested in and have fun with what you do. You can only do well what you like.

As a schoolchild often changing schools and being in delicate health, I was a quiet boy. I always needed company. My college life was quite nice, playing tennis, running along the river, getting influenced by traditional fashion and meeting various students at an international university.

I got my first job at Isetan department store. When I started, I knew nothing about the fashion industry. I had on-the-job sales training for three months without any knowledge of brand names or even any idea about skirts and stockings.

One day, I was transferred to the bargain sale floor, where I played the role of barker for three years. With my loud voice, I became such a master at it that I was called the “Tora-san of Isetan,” and I learned why and how things sell well or not.

Through hard work, without thinking about anything other than my job, I had an opportunity to join a company project that involved introducing Barneys New York to Japan, which led me encounter designers and buyers around the world. Meanwhile, I made a big mistake and was deported back to Japan. I was greatly discouraged but this experience really awakened me to fashion. Later, I was involved in the planned Kaiho-ku (Liberated Zone), one of the most groundbreaking shops in Isetan's history.

At the age of 39, I retired from Isetan as I wanted to test my abilities. Every time I met designers and apparel businesspeople, I was overcome with my desire to work on the apparel making side of things. I become in involved in apparel making with Yokohama-based Kitamura Co. and Fukusuke Co. In 2008, I joined my brother’s company Fujimaki Japan as vice president.

I think fashion is not only about clothing but also includes food and housing, as well as entertainment, intelligence, health and a sense of beauty. When you connect these elements, fashion makes everyday life rich and enjoyable. It's not about making something expensive. It is possible to make good things at a low price. That’s why I think design is important.

My current dream is to make a department store that handles products made in Japan only.

Company Profile

Fujimaki Japan Inc.
Investment advisory company for apparel industry