Ace Hardware Co.

President Paulus Ong

Message to young people
You need dreams to move forward. Don't be afraid of having dreams. Dreams are free of charge. A big dream leads to a big ambition. You should not give up, but sometimes, you need to give up and have a fresh dream.

I grew up with a poor family. My parents told me to live a life based on honesty, discipline and hard work. I always kept these three values in mind from my childhood. I wanted to have an electricity-related job because I liked it. I entered a university in Bandung and studied electronic engineering. I dropped out in the second year because I could not pay school expenses. After that, I made money and went to London, where I found a martial arts school and worked as an instructor there. I also worked at a restaurant, where I was promoted from dish washer to manager. I wanted to live much longer in London, but my mother developed cancer and I returned to Indonesia to take care of her. After returning, I helped out at a friend’s restaurant. I also found a job at a department store and worked double shifts every day.

When I entered Ace Hardware as a project manager, it was poorly staffed and its sales were small. Monthly sales were 2 billion rupiah at best, with annual sales not exceeding 24 billion rupiah. The company has grown, with its annual sales currently at 1.5 trillion rupiah. I got goods for home use displayed in front of shops that had earlier carried only hardware. This provided a colorful atmosphere to the shops, making them attractive to for women. The displays caught on well with customers. In 2001, I became a general manager. Then I was named president in 2005 as the company recognized my achievements.

It was a small company in the initial stage, with 30 employees at its head office and 120 workers at shops. As the company grew, I wanted to grow along with my team. We had an initial public offering in 2008. After it became a listed company, I hoped to expand our business throughout Indonesia. Our company is now recognized as the leader in the hardware business. Our goal is to increase the number of shops to 200 and expand the total floor space to 15,000 sq. meters.

Company Profile

Ace Hardware Co.
Manufacture, import and sale of household goods, furniture, electronics and tools.