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Masaru Furukawa

Message to young people
There’s nothing absolute in life and business. If you think you can do something or desire to do it, then take a step forward with confidence.

I was born and bred in Tokyo's Asakusa district. My career in the education and training industry began around the age of 30, when I entered a company dealing with international training programs; working as a salesperson for a few years and later taking on the task of establishing and managing schools in the United States and Britain. At 38, I started working at a publishing house, where again my job was to establish training companies, and there, I experienced a wide spectrum of managerial roles. In December 2000, at the age 45, I founded Global Education and Training Consultants together with Satoko Fukuda, who was my colleague at the previous company. At that time, Japanese companies were struggling with their development of international human resources. However, most of the companies that claimed to provide proper education were in fact merely providing English-language training or English study tools. So, I was confident that there was considerable demand for our services. We were determined to establish a totally new type of company; a consulting firm that would develop globally, while connecting education resources around the world with the training needs of corporations and individuals.
Itochu Corp. gave us our first major contract, which involved programs for managers studying at foreign business schools and younger employees learning English abroad. We had a hard time after the terrorist attack of 9.11 and the subsequent reduction in the number of overseas training programs. In the end, however, that led us to developing rich programs for the Japan market, in addition to our overseas courses. Since our founding, we've been challenged by hardships several times, but each time we have dealt with them effectively and turned them into opportunities.
In the 10 years since its founding, the company has assisted about 120 companies, 30 percent of which were foreign-affiliated. Our mission is to foster globally oriented and independent minded employees.
Future goals for our company are: 1) to gain recognition as Japan’s leading education consultant, specializing in developing employees with a strong global mindset; 2) to assist “personal globalization” by opening our programs to individuals who want to become globalized. In the past, we had focused exclusively on training employees of blue-chip companies; and, 3) to continuously grow our company and create an environment where its employees continue to learn through on-the-job training; while, sharing the same values and developing themselves through synergistic cooperation.
The concept of “Personal globalization”, based on the book which I published in 2008, is of vital importance to Japan’s young generations. In the current job market, I believe that becoming globally competent is the only way for young people to survive in the 21st century. Furthermore, if they awaken their natural potential, Japanese in their 20s, 30s and 40s are capable of displaying strong leadership skills on the global stage. The problem is that they don’t know how to adapt themselves to globalization. I am determined to keep on talking to the youth of this nation about how to find “the meaning of life” and success in their careers.

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Global Education and Training Consultants Co.
Consulting and planning for the effective development of human resources and organizations.