One A Day

CEO Lee Jun Hee

South Korea
Message to young people
To start something new, preparation is necessary but courage is equally important. I think there is no such thing as perfect preparation. Rather than spending plenty of time preparing impeccably, what is more crucial is to take that first step boldly and to go through each subsequent step with care. Because the market changes rapidly nowadays, you are going to lose an opportunity if you spend much time on preparation. I think the speed of change in the market will accelerate so that the ability to keep up with changes will become an important factor. I also believe that you increase your chances of success if you embrace challenges and are not afraid of any change.

I didn’t grow up in a special environment. I was brought up by my parents who both worked very hard, so that my dream as a child was to become an entrepreneur. When I was a student, I worked part time as a restaurant waiter and a tutor.

I wanted to have various business experiences. I always set goals because I don’t want to later regret doing nothing. Through launching an auction site, I became involved in the Internet shopping mall business and that was how I started my current business. But as my parents’ business suffered hard times, I decided to help them out. Through that, I was about to experience so many things. Once the situation became stable, I decided to start a new business.

When I was thinking how to do business without actually meeting people, I stumbled upon the idea of an Internet auction and had a “Eureka” moment. It was in the midst of the currency crisis and the economic situation was difficult, but I saw it as an opportunity and got started.

Everything was a first experience for me. I encountered a lot of difficulty in the early days of the Internet, but I tried to develop the new business. My difficult experience was that I had to rush around trying to raise funds based on only the future potential of my business. I think presenting big goals and visions are important for the CEO of a company, but more important is to show the details. And unambiguous decision-making and presentation of the direction will be keys to success. Since launching my company, I have underscored the importance of communication among the company and employees.

We are still in the early stages. I would like to place more emphasis on growth.

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One A Day
South Korea
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