Sean & Stephen Corp.

President Chen XinQin

Message to young people
Pursue your dreams and never give up. Always trust yourself.

My father ran a small business. He was always taking care of people around him and they liked him. I hoped to have a lively, happy family like my father’s. When I was a student, I served as head of the student council.

When I started my career, I worked while considering the best way to make the company profitable and how best to fulfill my role. The corporate culture of the company was different from what I had hoped to see. I made up my mind to start my own business.

Because the optical industry had been growing rapidly, I decided to do business in the field. In the initial stage of my business, patents and production on an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis were the main business models. We had a hard time because we had no experience in the business field. We targeted the world’s three largest players in this business area as our customers. We received orders from them before our production line was complete. This made it possible for us to build a good foundation for future growth. We faced a patent-related suit and other difficulties, but overall business has gone smoothly.

I would like to make my company a comfortable and pleasant place to work.

Company Profile

Sean & Stephen Corp.
Research and development of lasers and related products
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