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CEO & President Tetsuya Ebata

Message to young people
We are now in times of change full of opportunities. Action counts most in business. Experience various things and work together to revitalize Japan.

In my high school days I spent a lot of time playing handball and other sports. And during my college days, I formed a handball team comprising former schoolmates to continue to enjoy the sport, and held part-time jobs while going to university on weekdays. I frequently worked at a few different places a day as I liked working itself. I liked to see the customers enjoy my service and experienced various things during work that taught me something valuable.

Upon graduation from university, I found employment with a major advertising company as an engineer in the year when telecommunication services were liberalized in Japan. I was entrusted to do a new project, a large one for a new client. It was not easy to complete the project successfully, but it helped me learn the drill and improve myself more than I had expected. Similarly, I continued to be devoted to my work until I was reminded that 20 years had passed since I entered the company.

People were excited about the Internet, which was rapidly spreading, enabling anyone to make and send information. Anonymous information was so rampant that Internet users might wonder if this or that piece of information was accurate. I thought such a situation should be rectified and decided to create a reliable database of information sources and to deliver reliable information to the public. So I established All About in June 2000 in the hopes of making this world a better place to live in through information.

For the first two years after the founding, it was difficult to get the business on track. It was a great effort to create online content and an operating system for providing the right information in a timely manner.

I would like to see each of some 10 million people get reliable information and make choices for themselves.

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All About Inc.
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